The maritime company PENN AR BED has always been the only one link during the whole year with the inhabited isles situated "at the ends of the earth" : "Enez Eussa", Enez Molenez", "Enez Sun".

In all weathers and the whole year, our company provides you this service.
This vital mission, sotimes difficult, requires a lot from the men and equipment because of the Iroise's sea which is often rough and capricious.

Some distances to join our ports of embarkation
Morlaix - Brest 60 km
Morlaix - Le Conquet 80 km
Morlaix - Camaret 90 km
Morlaix - Audierne 100 km
Quimper - Brest 70 km
Quimper - Le Conquet 100 km
Quimper - Camaret 70 km
Quimper - Audierne 40 km